About Us

Northwest Caster & Equipment provides standard and custom mobility solutions including casters, wheels, and accessories.  The company is privileged to serve a growing group of customers in a broad variety of industries such as aerospace, marine, truck building, and glass manufacturing.  The company also serves OEMs in food service, packaging, store fixtures/displays, medical equipment and other industries.

Northwest Caster's headquarters is an efficient, modern facility in Lynnwood, WA - southeast of Paine Field in Mukilteo.  A veteran staff with over 100 years of combined industry experience is in place, and the company has committed considerable resources to ensure that staff can meet customer needs with speed and accuracy.

Northwest Caster's small, select group of manufacturing partners offer the company and its staff the utmost assistance in adding value for customers in the Northwest. While many distribution companies hold both suppliers and customers at arm's length, Northwest Caster & Equipment brings manufacturing partners and customers together, serving as a conduit for optimal product specification, pricing, delivery and engineering support.   This unique network of relationships allows Northwest Caster to deliver quality products at competitive prices throughout the Northwest.

In today's marketplace, the stress of competition has caused many companies to abandon their commitment to quality, and to compete exclusively on price.  At Northwest Caster, we steadfastly refuse to engage in this short-sighted race to the bottom.  While our purchasing power does allow us to offer prices as competitive as any in our industry, our primary focus as a company will always be on the bigger job of adding value and quality for our suppliers and customers.  Competitive pricing is a part of our value proposition, but we aspire to offer much more.

Within the Pacific Northwest, there is no other company that offers Northwest Caster & Equipment's breadth of services, product lines, technical expertise, commitment to quality, industry experience, facilities or technological tools.